Click here Purchasing a home in Hawaii is not an easy process for anyone, but especially those who have bad credit or no credit. However, there is an option we offer that may help you get the home of your dreams.

Rent to Own

Sometimes called Lease to Own, this option may be the perfect solution for you and your family in owning property. This means that you make monthly payments designed to fit your budget just as if you were renting the property, and once you complete the rental agreement, and satisfy other documentation and terms, you own the home outright.

Our program lets people just like you pay monthly for a home that otherwise might be out of reach. In fact, you can move into the home in less than 30 days. Our terms are far more flexible compared to traditional lenders.

For many, the Rent to Own option is the best one for their needs. We believe that bad credit or no credit should not be a stopping point in owning a home. Our services are designed to help you find a home Click here  that you can own through this unique process.

Why Choose Our Services?

There are good reasons why you should consider our company if you are not able to qualify for a mortgage.

We are Not Lenders: We are not bankers, brokers, or realtors. We are a real estate investment firm that owns the properties for our rent to own program. Our investment team purchases properties and offers them for rent to own too people just like you. This means that the normal lending rules do not apply.

Because we are a real estate investment firm, we can offer you a Rent to Own option that may be well-suited to your needs. If you do not see a home on our list Click here that we currently own to suit your needs, we can place your name on our VIP buyers listing Click here  and call when a home that meets your needs becomes available.

Do not let your current situation stop you from purchasing a home. Our Rent to Own program is one that works well for so many people just like you. Call today at 808-206-8216 and find out more about how we can help you Rent to Own a home.

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About Home Buyers Of Hawaii

Our company offers rent to own and a variety of other purchase programs to those that seek immediate housing. The Home Buyers of Hawaii company is helping people that would normally not qualify for a home to find one in a family-friendly neighborhood. The ease of credit restrictions is one way that our company is helping more people find housing. New listings are added to the company website Click here on a routine basis to ensure that this online resource continues to provide updated information. Home Buyers Of Hawaii provides guaranteed financing to those with less than perfect credit to ensure that housing is available to all that apply online or offline.